The Reality of Being an Operator

In this episode of the Next Step Podcast, I speak to Jack Lancaster. Jack's currently the director and CEO of Evolution Surgical, a business he acquired as part of a self-funded search.

Jack's got a broad and diverse background, including spending time studying in the UK and even attempting to start up his own business from scratch.

Jack went into search in early 2020 (an interesting time to start a search with COVID 19 hitting!) and successfully acquired Evolution Surgical in October 2020.

I spend some time with Jack talking around the different aspects of search, with most of the discussion revolving around his first nine months in the hot seat of operation.

Jack shares some amazing insights straight from the front line around what it looks like in those first three months after buying the business, what people should be aware of when they first get their feet under the desk, and the kinds of things they should look out for in that those first 12 months of operation.

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