The Four Seasons of Search

In this episode, I talk about the four seasons of search. I think the seasons of the year are a great metaphor to help searchers understand their own journey and the different 'seasons' they will find themselves in along the way.

This episode is for all those people out there that are thinking about taking the search journey. If you are someone that's is just about to start a search or have already begun, but you want to get a better context of what's that journey look like holistically, then this would be a really valuable ten minutes of your time.  

It will give you a helpful overview of the search experience, from start to finish, and a few pointers along the way as you find yourself in each of these very distinct phases of the search.

I also highlight some of the questions you should be asking your investors at each of those stages too. I've been through this process many times both as a search and an investor, so I have shared some insights on how you can leverage your relationship with your investors in such a way they can help you through each stage of the journey.

I hope you enjoy the four seasons of search and find it useful when framing your own journey and what to expect along the way.

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