Search Fund Accelerators thru the eyes of the Searcher

Rob Gaunt is the Chief Executive Officer of Ace Training who recently took on that role after successfully completing an acquisition of it as a searcher.

Through his time searching, Rob had the opportunity to look at a whole range of businesses across Australia before pinning one down to acquire, so he has plenty of great insights to share.

In this episode of The Next Step Podcast, I speak to Rob about how he came to search in the first place, what his reflections on the search phase were, and what it looked like to actually work through a deal and get it to completion.

For anyone out there that is thinking about taking on a search, Rob delivers some raw, recent first-hand experience that I'm sure you'll find very valuable.

Show Notes
•01:30 - Rob shares his journey about the last two weeks of being in a training company as the CEO.
•02:45 – Rob talks about his career before search and what it was about search that made him interested.
•07:11- Rob and Pete talk about search, how to build, own and operate a business.
•09:37– Rob shares about his experience in SME ventures and how that helped him search his journey.
•13:48 – Rob and Pete discuss what a partnership can do to a search and how it can help you become successful in a business.
•16:36– Rob shares tips on how to determine what type of search to do.

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