Investing In Australian Search

Tim Moore and Jake Maisey run Dorado Capital, one of the few Australian family offices actively investing in search funds. Dorado has invested in traditional and self-funded searches both in Australia and overseas. 

Tim has an MBA and is a chartered accountant who started his career in investment banking and led a self-funded search that resulted in the acquisition of Surpac, a software business servicing the mining industry. 

Before joining Dorado capital, Jake was at KPMG in corporate finance for five years and spent several years in the UK with Stenprop (a Real Estate Investment Trust).

In this episode of The Next Step Podcast we cover a range of topics, but particularly on the themes that bring a good perspective on what investors are looking for when they consider searches and backing searches. We also touch on what investors should be thinking about when considering search as an asset class. I hope you enjoyed the episode.

Show Notes: 

·     01:35 –Tim and Jake talked about how they come across search and asset class and what are the things that they have been doing to really get themselves up the curve of what search is as an opportunity.

·     6:17– Pete and our guests discussed investments offshore, particularly in the UK market, comparing the Australian and UK market's maturity and the opportunities that are coming for the Australian market. 

·     09:07 – Pete and our guests talked about the range of structural options when it comes to establishing a search in the Australian market.

·     13:28- Pete and our guests discussed the increase in the volume of searchers, executives, and operators that are thinking about coming to market, whether it is a self-funded or a funded vehicle model of search.

·     18:39- Pete and our guests talked about the kind of characteristics of a searcher that is defined to be backable by investors and the necessary steps to continue in order to keep lighting a fire under the Australian search market. 

Learn more about Search Fund and entrepreneurship through acquisition and connect with Pete, Tim, and Jake: 

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Resource: Dorado interview with Anika Stokes



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