The Searcher Experience : A report from the front line!

Nick Bamford is the Managing Director of SRO Technology. SRO is actually one of my own companies (that I purchased as a self-funded searcher many years ago) so it's really exciting to be able to interview Nick and let him share some of the backstory on how he began as a searcher himself, what led him to joining SRO Technology, and his learnings from the process.


In this podcast, Nick and I talk about the frontline of search funds and what it's like to go through the process, and what are the things that really stands-out from a searcher's perspective, as well as what are the characteristics for a good searcher? 


It's a great interview with a lot of valuable takeaways. 


Show notes:

·     2:02 – Nick talks about his journey on Search Fund. How he came across the search fund concept and how he helped his father grow their family business.

·     08:47 – Pete askes Nick about his transition period in consultancy and what are his views on bigger businesses. Also, they talk about what makes a good searcher and what it takes to be a searcher from his experience.

·     13:00 – Pete and Nick talk about self-awareness as a search operator, how to build a team around you, and how you should learn necessary skills along the road and fill the gaps.

·     14:28- Pete and Nick talk about the thought process and expectations upon hearing about the concept of search funds, and doing the search fund itself.

·     21:00- Pete and Nick talk about what sort of question should you ask yourself in managing a search fund, what are the motivations and how to determine if it is the right path to take.


Learn more about Search Fund and entrepreneurship through acquisition and connect with Pete and Nick:

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