All things Search in Australia, including our first institutional fund

On this episode of "The Next Step", I speak to Lui Pangiarella, founder of WayFinder Capital and Second Squared. Both of these companies are active contributors and participants in the search fund ecosystem here in Australia. 

Lui founded Second Squared a couple of years ago to help build the community of searchers here in Australia. They've just recently founded WayFinder, Australia's first institutional fund focusing on the search fund model.

We cover a whole range of things in this discussion. Lui has a depth and breadth of understanding of search and search fund asset class and as an opportunity for searchers and operators. We delve into the concept of the fund that he's raising and how that will contribute to the growth of the model here in Australia.

In our conversation, we touch on a range of exciting themes that are relevant to investors and searchers alike. I hope you enjoy this episode. 

Show Notes:

·    01:32 –Lui talks about what brought him to search and his journey on search. 

·     03:08–Pete and Lui talk about the attributes of a market that is appropriate to search and the fundamentals of the Australian market that lean towards the search model.

·     07:00 – Lui shares how he founded Second Squared and made it a vehicle to run searches in Australia, and talk about the characteristics of searchers in Australia. 

·     11:40-Pete and Lui talk about a searcher's development and pattern recognition and the attributes that make them a good searcher. 

·     16:13-Pete and Lui talk about the Wayfinder and what it means for the market and how it helps the search community. 

 ·     21:55-Pete and Lui talk about the view and reputation of the Australian search to the international community of search fund.  

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