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My journey to becoming a Search Investor

5 acquisitions, 3 'tours-of-duty' as CEO, 2 exits and 3 sell-downs

Leaving Corporate

In 2012, after a 15 year career spanning engineering, project management, investment banking and general management, I realised that the large corporate path wasn't for me - I needed more autonomy and accountability than big business could ever provide.

Getting Started

I co-founded Alpin Group with Iain Morris to acquire, operate and grow small businesses in Australia.

This was a big leap of faith that felt crazy at the time, but proved to be the best business decision of my career!

Operating Our Businesses

I acted as CEO for three of the businesses, for periods ranging from 6 months to three years, after which I successfully managed my own succession and remained on the Boards of each as a Non-Executive Director.

Acquiring and Exiting

We acquired our first business in June 2013 and over the next 4 years acquired four more. By 2020, we had successfully exited two of these businesses and sold partial stakes in the other three.

The Entrepreneurship Journey

This owner/operator experience gave me that mix of autonomy/accountability I was seeking. It also opened my eyes to the world of small business and the global Search community.

Moving Forward

I'm now leveraging my own Search experience to back other aspiring entrepreneurs and play my part in supporting the critical global transition from baby-boomer owner/founders to the next generation of business owners. 

Thought Leadership

Search Fund & Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

I'm one of Australasia's most experienced practitioners and a leading voice for Search Fund and ETA insights and advice.

Guest Podcasts and Interviews

I'm often the one giving the interviews on my Podcast 'The Next Step,' but occasionally I jump in the other chair to be interviewed. Here's a selection of some of my recent interviews:

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Pete on the 'Convo Couch' Show

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